Getting Started

The SimSort® system is an RFID inventory management system that tracks required adaptive equipment, laundry, biomedical equipment, rental equipment, and more. The system uses off-the-shelf RFID components and our custom software app to track anything you can imagine, and provides audit trail reports so you can prove your residents have access to their belongings.

Just attach a simple RFID tag and inventory the items into your SimSort system, and you can turn any walker, wheelchair, cane, shirt, pants, undergarment, wound vacuum, sit-to-stand lift, or anything else you can think of into a trackable, findable asset within your community. A daily or weekly sweep of resident rooms with our handheld scanner captures the entire inventory of equipment. Our downloadable audit data prove the location for your QAPI performance metrics.

Check out the following pages for more details about how the SimSort system works and to get started:

RFID inventory management

SimSort Equipment & Laundry Demo

RFID inventory management

The SimSort Android App

RFID inventory management

Inventory Creation Process

RFID inventory management

Other Tip Using the SimSort System


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SimSort can reduce your risk of CMPs for missing adaptive equipment. Visit our store to get started, or check out our tips and tricks in our Find-it Blog. Get started today!