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Audit Equipment Access

The SimSort® System can help you avoid costly complaints and compliance issues. Prove access to auditors with our reports showing daily scans of each item in the resident's room... walkers, wheelchairs, oxygen generators, wound pumps, laundry, and more. Everything can be tracked with SimSort!

Save Money, Stay Organized

SimSort keeps track of everything in your inventory as it moves from the room, to wherever it goes, and back again. A simple daily, weekly, or monthly scan of the room provides all the hard lifting. The SimSort app on your Android phone can instantly tell you where everything is located, so you always have the answer on at your fingertips!

SimSort is Easy

SimSort is easy to use... simple RFID tags, RFID scanners, and an easy-to-use software system make it easy to train, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

Stop Losing Money with SimSort

SimSort was made for operators who are tired of endless questions about lost laundry and equipment. Visit our shop to order our starter kit, and stop losing money today!