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SimSort™ RFID Laundry Tags

SimSort helps you manage inventory for clothing and linens using RFID laundry tags, RFID scanners, and an easy-to-use software system.

Save Money, Stay Organized

SimSort keeps track of everything in your inventory as it moves from your laundry, to wherever you send it, and back again. The SimSort app on your Android phone can instantly tell you where everything is located, so you always have the answer on at your fingertips!

Special Handling for Your Best Care

SimSort can also keep track of special care items: Hand wash, special soap, stained or damaged items... SimSort will flag those items just before washing, so you can provide your best care with confidence!

Stop Losing Laundry with SimSort

SimSort was made for laundry managers who are tired of endless questions about lost laundry. Visit our shop to build your system, and stop losing laundry today!