How to Stop Losing Resident Laundry

You lose resident laundry. Not on purpose, of course, but every so often you get a handful of complaints and update your laundry procedures or perform closet audits to sort everything out. It’s a frustrating cycle!

The SimSort™ System can help! We offer an easy to use laundry sorting and finding system for long term care communities. With the SimSort system as part of your laundry management procedures, staff can more quickly and accurately sort resident laundry, find lost resident items, and make everyone in your community happier.

Let Us Help You Stop Losing Laundry

Your Best Care for Resident Laundry

The SimSort system replaces common iron-on name labels with iron-on radio frequency identification (RFID) labels designed to be laundry-safe. Staff then create an inventory of resident clothing and other belongings with the SimSort Android* app and a small handheld RFID scanner.

Items are fast and easy to add to the system by name and photo. Once added, you’re ready to use the system!

The SimSort handheld system assists in compliance with your Infection Control Protocol. By identifying residents with the Wash Separately selection, staff can remove and quarrantine clothing from ill residents and help prevent laundry cross contamination.

In the laundry, staff can sort an entire laundry basket in a few short seconds. Scanning before washing allows staff to see all Resident-requested care instructions (hand wash, for example). Scanning again after drying provides a visual checklist of the items belonging to each resident so they can be quickly and accurately sorted into the proper return bin.

Sorting Mode also works great for closet and dresser audits, which can be done just by waving the scanner in front of the dresser or closet!

RFID Tags in Clothes from SimSort

Find Lost Items, Even if Hidden

Any item that has been inventoried and has an RFID label can be found by choosing the item and placing the SimSort app into Find Mode.

Simply turn on the item locator then walk around the room and gently wave the scanner within a few feet of closets, dresser drawers or other hiding spots. As you get closer to the lost item, the item locator will begin to beep. The closer you get the more frequent the beeping.

Laundry Tagging System from SimSort

Find Mode can preserve the privacy of residents who may have taken an item by mistake. By searching with the SimSort handheld scanner, lost belongings can be found in dresser drawers or closets without invading the privacy of the searched room’s resident. Once you know where an item is hidden staff can take appropriate action.

Laundry Tagging System from SimSort

Create Your SimSort Handheld System Plan

The SimSort system scales to the size of your community. Click below to create your system with the SimSort System Builder!

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