Stitch-in RFID Tags (200 qty)

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 These RFID labels are made of flexible cotton-polyester fabric with an embedded computer chip and wire antenna, which identifies the item to the SimSort™ system.

This is the stitch-in version, useful for stretchy, knit and delicate fabrics. For normal cotton and polyester fabrics consider iron-on RFID labels.

  • Bag of 200 qty stitch-in RFID tags
  • Attached by sewing to a seam or hem
  • Warranted by manufacturer to 200 commercial wash cycles
  • RFID Label 2.5 inches length x 1.1 inches width
  • Find mode range typically 3-4 feet
Attaching instructions can be found here: HID LinTag Stitch Instructions

HID* LINTAG* flexible textile tags are manufactured by HID* Global Corporation.