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SimSort® Starter Kit

SimSort® Starter Kit

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This kit includes the hardware and software you need to get started with the Simsort® system.

This starter package includes:
  • 1 RFID Scanner
  • Android Smartphone (if selected), see below
  • 1 Scanner accessory set (power block, charging cords, extension cable)
  • 1 pack of Equipment RFID Tags Included
  • First month software subscription included (see below)

Simsort software is available for a software subscription fee, billed monthly:

  • $70/month for up to 1,000 inventory items in the Simsort system
  • Each additional 1,000 items +$35/month
  • Month-to-month subscription, no contract or minimum
  • Cancel any time through the Simsort Android app

The Simsort app runs on an Android Smartphone. Choose the Smartphone selector and we'll include one that partners well with the RFID scanner:

  • Samsung Galaxy or similar (based on availability)
  • No SIM card, no Cellular service required
  • Protective phone case
  • Google Play store installed, ready to download Simsort app

You can add additional scanners and tags in your cart now, or re-visit our store for more as needed.

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