Handheld Scanner

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The SimSort handheld scanner identifies items through radio frequency identification (RFID). The scanner is battery operated and partners with an Android Smartphone running the SimSort app. 

  • RFID scanner manufactured by Turck GmbH & Co.
  • Operates in the UHF radio frequency band
  • Internal battery that provides about 2 hours of active scanning
  • Scanner has 3M Scotch brand fastener tape applied
  • Includes accessories: Dual USB wall charger, 2 Micro USB power cables, headphone extension cable
Android Smartphone (if included):
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro or similar (based on availability)
  • No SIM card, no Cellular service required
  • Protective phone case, with 3M Scotch brand fastener tape applied
  • Black or Red phone case (use red to designate Dirty Laundry scanner)
  • Google Play store installed, ready to download SimSort app
IMPORTANT NOTE: Scanner and smartphone are NOT water resistant. Keep the devices away from liquids.