SimSort App Concepts

The SimSort App is a flexible and powerful tool for managing your inventory as it moves from location to location. The app is built around a few key concepts:

  1. Locations
  2. Items
  3. Status
  4. Scans


Setting up the app begins with creating Locations. Each location represents a place where your items might move as part of your process. Locations are listed in the Locations page in alphabetical order.

Note that creating a new Location is only possible for admin users.


Use a space, number, or other character to force a location to the top of the list.



Within the location's screen on the app, you will create an inventory of Items. New items can be created with a name, photo, and any special information you want to record. It's easiest to attach RFID tags to the items before creating them in the app.

Once created, use the scanner to connect the RFID tag on the physical item to the inventory page on the SimSort app. Items can be created one at a time, or in batches if they all have the same attributes. For example a new batch of hand towels can be created with one item card, and then scanning several item tags at once in a batch scan.

Items will have their Home Location and Current Location automatically set as the location in which they were created.

The SimSort app also supports a info field called Types, which can help organize linens such as hand towels, bath towels, queen sheets, etc.; or keep clothing items organized differently than personal items such as eyeglasses. 

Note that creating items is only possible for admin users.


Each location and each item can have a number of Statuses assigned to it. These statuses are customizable by your app administrators, and can be updated by any user. For example, an item can be given a status of stained or torn if your app is configured with those options.

Locations have their own statuses, which show up in the location and also on all items that consider it their home location. For example, a nursing home resident's room location can be set as wash separate if the resident has a special laundry preference or is sick, and all items will show that status.


All that setup was to get to this: Scanning items to update their location or other attributes! The SimSort app supports scanning for a number of reasons.

  1. Single Scan: Scan single items to identify where they belong or special attributes. Note that no information is saved from Single Scans.
  2. Group Scan: Scan a basket of items to identify them and any special attributes. This can be useful for Archiving items you wish to retire from the system... just long-press on any item to bring up a multi-item selection option. Note that no information is saved about Group Scans.
  3. Scan Into Location: Access this through the Location's action button, and scan items to either update their Current Location or Home Location.

Items scanned will display any Item Status or Home Location Status in the scan results. For example, this can be useful to find dry clean only items when scanning in your dirty laundry receiving area.

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