Laundry Shop Management

Using SimSort for laundry shop management helps you organize your commercial laundry, hospitality laundry service, uniform service, and more.

SimSort uses off-the-shelf RFID tags and readers coupled with our proprietary software to manage inventory, track and sort linens and terry items. SimSort makes sorting and tracking laundry faster and easier than manual sorting or searching.

SimSort keeps continuous track of items, allowing you one-touch access to the inventory held in any area:

  • Storage locations
  • Dirty laundry
  • Clean Laundry
  • Delivery Service
  • Customer or Resident Locations


Laundry Shop Management Workflow

Using the SimSort system is as easy as scanning items at each key step of your process:
  1. Scan linens and terry when delivered to a customer — SimSort app is updated to show the items as at the customer location
  2. Scan again in the dirty laundry room — SimSort app now shows "dirty laundry" location
  3. Scan individual items that are stained or damaged before washing — SimSort app now flags the items as "stained" or "damaged"
  4. After washing and drying, scan the bin — SimSort app will highlight if any items in the bin are marked stained or damaged, and the handheld scanner will help you find the specific item
  5. Scan items as they enter clean inventory — SimSort app now shows "clean inventory" location and displays the full stock in your inventory


Get Started Today

For more information visit our How it Works page, or check out our Find-it Blog for tips and tricks, updates, and more. When you're ready, our Store has starter kits with everything you need to get started.

Choose SimSort for your laundry shop management system today!