What should we inventory? Do we have to inventory everything?

That all depends on your community. Items that are expensive to replace, like ladies brassieres, should be a priority. For common and inexpensive items like socks and underwear, it can be cheaper to just replace lost items than spend the labor time to inventory them.

On the other hand, Simsort makes sorting laundry so fast compared to name labels, it might be worth your time. Just place the scanner on a table and drop each clean item over the top for a fast and accurate read of who the item belongs to.

Where Simsort really shines is on common clothing items that are popular in your resident community. In some communities, the number of brown pants in ladies size medium would impress even a pro football team uniform manager in Cleveland. 

In all cases, we recommend your community sets a policy for what kinds of clothes you will tag and what kinds you will not.