What is RFID?

SimSort uses standard RFID tags and scanners to track laundry and linens through your laundry service.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that uses radio waves between a scanner and a computer chip (often called a "tag"). The scanner sends a radio signal, and tags that hear the signal use a little of the radio energy to "activate" themselves and send back a response. Each tag is encoded to send it's response with a unique string of letters and numbers (its "ID") which the reader hears and processes.

SimSort uses RFID in the UHF frequency range (908-928 MHz). This exact technology is used in inventory management and security systems at major retailers. If you have ever seen big security antennas at the doors of a large store, heard one of their anti-theft alarm systems beeping, or noticed a small RFID tag in the package of something you bought — you've seen this technology in action.