Is Simsort better than regular old iron on name tags?

Is Simsort better than regular old iron on name tags?

Absolutely! Simsort is much better than regular old iron on name tags!

Standard iron on name tags, or even just writing initials with a sharpie marker, is a tried and true way to identify resident clothing. But you know what identifying a shirt looks like in that process: You have to grab the shirt, turn it inside out, and find the tag or initials wherever it happens to be in this particular shirt... What's more, you can only identify one item at a time, and there is no audit trail you can share with residents or family if the item goes missing.

Simsort makes this whole process a lot easier. Just wave the scanner over the top of a shirt, or a pile of shirts, and you can instantly see who owns each item. Simsort also logs the scan into our database system, which you can immediately see on the Simsort app and Simsort web portal.

With Simsort, you can answer resident or family questions about where clothing was last seen -- which is something you'll never be able to do with name tags or a marker!

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