How fast are tags read with the scanner?

How fast are tags read with the scanner?

The short answer is milliseconds.

RFID, which is short for Radio Frequency IDentification, works is basically a call and response system. 

The RFID scanner sends out a signal in the form of radio energy. Any RFID tags in range that hear the signal respond with a radio reply that includes a unique identifier that you can think of as their name. It's like a high tech attendance taking process from school. 

What our Simsort software does is connects that RFID tag name to your unique item that you told the Simsort app it is glued to. 

So as soon as you hit that scan button, you will start hearing beep noises as each tag is found. If dozens or hundreds if items are in range it can take a few seconds for the scanner to capture all the responses (think of it as counting the voices in a crowded room), but the system is built for doing just that. Within 3 to 30 seconds, you can identify a few items or even a whole bin of laundry items. 


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