Do iron on tags fall off?

Do iron on tags fall off?

Simsort only uses high quality RFID tags, designed by the manufacturer to withstand 200 wash and dry cycles. That's a lot of washing and drying… literally years of normal use for most clothes. But all that said...


Not often, but sometimes RFID tags do fall off. This is true of traditional iron on name tags as well... The Simsort difference is what happens next.


With traditional iron on name tags, finding a lost name tag in the dryer will tell you who has clothing that lost a tag. When finding a Simsort RFID tag in the dryer, you can scan the tag and you know exactly what item lost its tag.


That makes it easy to grab the item, re-tag it, and update the Simsort software with the new RFID tag. This keeps your inventory fresh, and your items found!

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