RFID Equipment

The SimSort system uses off the shelf components for RFID scanners, RFID tags, and other components to balance cost, quality, and ease of use. Use this short overview to learn more about the components of the SimSort system.

RFID Scanners

The SimSort system uses off-the-shelf scanners provided by leading RFID brands. Scanners include rechargeable batteries and partner with an Android smartphone by a corded connection.

The SimSort App, running on an Android smartphone, allows you to control the scanner in three modes:

  1. Group Scan — for use when scanning many items at the same time.
  2. Single Scan — for use when scanning one item at a time.
  3. Seek Scan — used when looking for a specific item.

When creating your system, we recommend you purchase at least one scanner for the dirty laundry room, one for the clean laundry room, and one per residential neighborhood or wing.


SimSort features RFID tags made by leading manufacturers. Equipment tags include zip-tie connections, and are designed to withstand harsh cleaning chemicals. Laundry tags come in heat-seal (also known as iron-on tags) and stitch-in versions, and are designed to withstand 200 commercial wash and dry cycles.
  • Equipment tags are easy to apply with an integrated zip tie connector.
  • Heat seal tags are easy to apply with a commercial heat seal press. Heat press units can be purchased from Direct Supply or other vendors. Heat seal tags are the best choice for 90% of resident clothing.
  • Stitch-in tags are best for stretchy fabrics like workout pants, brassieres, and other fabrics that are stretchy, fine, or delicate.

When creating your system, we recommend you purchase enough tags to get your initial inventory started, and add more tags over time for new equipment, new clothing, or new residents.

When estimating tags for laundry, we recommend about 70 laundry tags per resident.

Web Access Devices

For your convenience, and for that of your families and staff, standard internet web devices can be used to access the SimSort Portal and see the current status and location of inventory items and pull reports. SimSort audit reports provide an objective record of scans performed by the system. SimSort reports can not be faked, edited, or altered by your staff, to meet your quality reporting system requirements.