Resident Laundry Made Simple

The SimSort™ Handheld RFID System is an easy to use inventory management system for long term care communities. With the SimSort system, you can easily and more accurately sort resident laundry and find personal items. You can also save staff time, spend less in clothing reimbursements, and make residents and their families happier with your laundry service.

Let Us Help You Stop Losing Laundry

Sorting Made Simple

It’s simple! By adhering small radio frequency identification tags (RFID) to residents’ clothing and personal items, SimSort Handheld System can quickly sort an entire laundry basket in a few short seconds. This saves precious time that staff can spend attending to the care and well being of residents.

A simple swipe of the SimSort Handheld System scanner before washing identifies all items in the basket along with their owner and any special care instructions. Items that should be dry cleaned, hand washed, washed separately or with special soap are all highlighted. Staff no longer has to “just know” resident preferences, and clothing items can be removed before it’s too late.

SimSort Handheld System assists in compliance with your Infection Control Protocol. By identifying ill residents with the Wash Separately selection and scanning each load of laundry before washing, clothing can be removed to help prevent laundry cross contamination.

A second scan after drying visually identifies all items with resident and room number for easy sorting. Staff members no longer need to check labels on every single clothing item, which can take several minutes — they just follow the visual checklist.

The right laundry, washed the right way, and returned to the right resident. The SimSort Handheld System saves staff time, the community money, and frustration for both residents and family members alike.

RFID Tags in Clothes from SimSort

Finding Made Simple

Whether lost or misplaced, finding resident personal belongings has never been so simple. Simply turn on the item locator then walk around the room and gently wave the device in front of spots where the item could be hiding such as a closet, dresser drawer or vanity. As you get closer to the lost item, the item locator will begin to beep. The closer you get the more frequent the beeping.

Laundry Tagging System from SimSort

Find Mode can preserve the privacy of residents. By waving the SimSort Handheld System scanner in front of a suspected hiding place, you can clearly identify if the missing item is hidden within before opening or rummaging through a resident’s belongings.

Think of it like playing a game of hot and cold except easier! Residents’ rooms and personal space are left undisrupted and the lost or misplaced item is found. Like we said, locating items has never been so simple.

Laundry Tagging System from SimSort

Create Your SimSort Handheld System Plan

Each and every long-term care community is different, which means your needs are also unique. This is why we have created customizable plan, with the SimSort Handheld System Builder, so you can create system unique as your residents and staff.

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