How it Works

This page details how the SimSort handheld system works. Use this page and the videos to train your staff on how to use the SimSort system.

Sorting Laundry

Use the menu in the upper left corner of the SimSort app to enter Sorting Mode.

Scanning laundry is as simple as pressing Start Scan and moving the handheld scanner around a pile of clothes. The SimSort app identifies the clothing items based on the RFID label and displays a real-time inventory of all items in the basket, organized by resident. Once the scanner stops beeping, select Stop Scan.

Items with special care instructions are flagged so staff can quickly identify things that do not belong in the basket and promptly remove them. This is especially helpful during flu season and you want to minimize cross contamination in the laundry.

The entire scanning process takes just a few short seconds compared to the several minutes it normally takes to find the printed label or resident’s initials written in each item of clothing. The system also reduces human error, as staff no longer need to remember resident preferences.

Sorting and Finding Laundry for Long-Term Care Communities

How sorting Works

SimSort Finding Lost Items

How finding works

Finding Hidden Items

Use the menu in the upper left corner of the SimSort app to enter Finding Mode.

To find a missing item, select the resident and then the item. Start the scanner by selecting the Find Item at the bottom of the item card.

The wireless signal penetrates into common hiding places such as closets, cupboards and dresser drawers. Typical wireless ranges are 3-5 feet, which is close enough to cover a dresser or closet but not penetrate far outside the room you’re searching.

Slowly move the scanner in front of suspected hiding places such as closets, dressers, etc. When the scanner identifies the item it will give an audible beep. The closer you get to the misplaced item, the faster the scanner will beep.

When you have found the item or wish to stop the scan, tap the Stop Scan button on the app.

Easy Set Up

The SimSort handheld system is easy to set up. Just unbox the scanner and attach an Android* smartphone. Both the scanner and smartphone should remain plugged in to a wall charger when not in use.

After purchasing the appropriate software licenses, configure your SimSort system in the SimSort Portal web site. Your administrator can add users and control permissions in the portal, as well as control the number of active Resident licenses purchased by your community.

The SimSort app is available through the Google Play* store. Once installed on the Android smartphone, users can log in to the SimSort app with their email address and password.

SimSort Laundry System Setup

setting up the SimSort System

Adding Inventory

Adding inventory to the SimSort Handheld System requies four easy steps and takes about a minute or less per item.

SimSort Resident Laundry Inventory

How to upload inventory

  • Apply RFID label to clothing or other item
  • Open profile of resident and Create a new item in app
  • Capture the item name, special instructions (hand wash, air dry, etc) and a photo
  • Save the item

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