• How does the SimSort system manage privacy?

    We take privacy and security very seriously and have taken several steps to ensure that only your authorized staff members can access the information captured within the SimSort system. The SimSort app requires proper login credentials with a user account prior to any data being available or scans performed with a smartphone/scanner. User accounts are controlled through a web control panel by your system administrator, who can assign or revoke permissions at any given time.

  • How do you handle cyber security and cloud privacy?

    Our cloud data is hosted with a major services provider and is aligned to the US Department of Health and Human Services’ HIPAA Security Rules for electronic Personal Health Information data, commonly called ePHI.

  • Does the SimSort system track people?

    No. The RFID tags are passive, meaning they are only activated by energy from the scanner. Think of it as a “call and response” type system. The scanner has to call out before any tags respond with their identity. Further, the scanner only recognizes that the tag is within several feet of the reader. The SimSort Handheld System does not capture any information about where the scanner or tag is located.

  • How does SimSort Handheld System address HIPAA privacy regulations?

    The SimSort system requires users to log in to the app or administration portal before any resident information is visible. This allows enforcement of your community’s HIPAA policies to protect resident information, while at the same time allowing you to include medically-indicated therapy devices in residents’ SimSort app inventory.

  • What is an RFID tag and how does it work?

    RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and works through radio waves. A transmitter, commonly called a reader or scanner, emits a radio signal in a specific radio frequency not audible to the human ear. Small antennas pick up these radio waves and energize an electronic chip, commonly called an RFID tag, which returns a transmission that includes unique digital serial number. This serial number is captured by the scanner and used as the unique identifier for the RFID tag. In the SimSort Handheld System application, each unique RFID tag serial number is associated with the assigned inventory item. When the scanner receives a response from that RFID tag, it knows the associated items are within its transmission range.

  • How much do the RFID tags cost?

    Most SimSort Handheld System RFID tags cost about $1 each. We estimate by using the SimSort Handheld System, we save staff members about 2-5 minutes on sorting each load of laundry and up to a half hour per shift on finding lost items. For larger communities, these savings can add up to significant staff cost savings and valuable employee hours in tight labor markets.

  • Is it safe to use SimSort Handheld System around pacemakers?

    Yes. The SimSort Handheld System uses RFID devices in the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radio spectrum, which has been tested by third party laboratories and found to have no interference with pacemakers and implantable cardiac devices (ICDs). Some medical equipment devices such as external infusion pumps may be susceptible to interference from UHF RFID signals. Check with your medical device manufacturer with any concerns for medical equipment and RFID.

To access more information about RFID and cardiac device concerns, please visit the FDA website.

  • Where is SimSort LLC located?

    We are proudly located in the heart of the Midwestern USA near Milwaukee Wisconsin. Go Packers!

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