At SimSort LLC, our mission is to provide long-term care communities with a better system to manage residents’ clothing and personal possessions. We provide technology to long-term care communities to save time, money and energy in order to increase satisfaction among staff, residents and family members. Our hope is to preserve the dignity and lifestyle of residents in long-term care communities so they can spend their golden years living with the comfort they deserve.

We value simplicity, hospitality and community. Our systems create and instill a sense of confidence and satisfaction with the caretakers who have been called to this career. By helping you provide personalized care, we create peace of mind for residents, caretakers and management alike.

What is the SimSort™ handheld RFID system?

The SimSort™ Handheld System is a simple inventory management system for resident living communities. The system uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology commonly used in retail inventory management to quickly and accurately sort or find resident laundry and personal items.

What does SimSort Handheld System do?

The SimSort RFID system helps faculty and staff of long term care communities sort, find and locate residents’ items. The system can help staff efficiently sort through residents’ laundry before washing to identify special care instructions and implement infection control protocols. It also helps find lost or misplaced items by locating them quickly without wasting precious time.

Who does SimSort Handheld System help?

The SimSort system was specifically designed for long term care communities and their staff members, to reduce frustrations with lost or mis-handled resident laundry. The system saves staff time and helps personalize their care. It also helps preserve resident privacy and dignity by allowing staff the ability to find items without invasive searches. Through the SimSort system, we help save communities money through staff efficiency and higher resident satisfaction.