Why We’re Here

The SimSort concept came from you, the senior living community. During a Wisconsin Assisted Living Association training course for Assisted Living Administrators, I heard several complaints about lost resident laundry.

One executive director described coming upon a circle of ladies giggling in her community’s common area. The ladies realized they were all wearing socks labeled “Charlie C”. The executive director joined them for a chuckle, and as she walked away realized that Charlie C probably didn’t have any socks.

Another administrator told a story of a resident’s prayer shawl. The resident was on hospice service, and her daughter brought this family heirloom to comfort her mother. After she passed, the community sent the shawl for cleaning — and lost it. The family was devastated. The shawl eventually turned up, in the bottom drawer of another resident’s dresser. It was an honest mistake.

We’re all human. We all lose things. But in that moment I decided to try and help. In that moment, SimSort was born.

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